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"Extended Work Leave"

Basically, this is the bullshit my company does when snow prevents anyone from going anywhere. As we have no real plows or salt (being sub-tropical) it doesn't take much to shut this place down. So, despite my string desire to draw, I'm working 9-10 hour days now to "pay back" the "time off" I had due to the inch of ice all over everything. Whee.

I dunno how many of you like sketch/WIP stuff, and I don't really know how many of you already follow my tumblr, but I have got part of a sketch done over here if you care. Be warned: that page is safe and PG and stuff, and the theme I wrote spoilers stuff that isn't, but that's not a blog you wanna click on at work, if you take my meaning.

I know DA has a sketch upload thing but I generally don't like scraps. It's odd how downright *bad* DA is at categorizing art within a collection. I would be super keen to be able to watch/follow/stalk a specific gallery, for instance. I also wish for proper markdown support and the ability to block custom journals. If you've seen that pony one that replaces your cursor with a crappy hoof you probably know why.

Anyway. Apparently I picked up something my kids picked up at school, so I'm kinda in that nice fever delirium right now which probably explains this post and stuff. Also, my kid has so many baseball games it's stupid. He's 5 and has had literally 3 practices. Why is there a tournament that plays a game every day?

In a bout of snobbery, the city I live outside of wants nothing to do with us county folks. They have a baseball league. Everyone outside of the city is in a different one. It's about 10 minutes to Athen's fields, but 35 to the other side of the county where most of these games take place. So the middle of the county all play together and then east and west extremes all play together. It's a bit shit.

Anyway, if you haven't tried it, Dawn of War 2 is pretty damned fun. I don't do the multiplayer so much as Last Stand and single player. Last Stand has some DLC. It sucks that it still costs money even though relic is basically dead, but thems the breaks. I guess whoever bought/owns their corpse wants dollar dollars. Anyway, the upshot of teh DLC is that my ork explodes whenever he teleports. And he randomly teleports whenever he hits or is hit by something. And this is the most glorious thing ever.

Work is being a mental fatigue inducing PoS as always, so I never seem to have time/energy to think up more amusing images. If you have any of those you want to maybe see become things, leave comments or send notes or write them on napkins and place them under your pinkie plush's rear as you sleep. I'm pretty sure they make it over this way eventually.

Welp, my joints tell me it's been 4 hours since I last took some kinda pain killer, so I'm off to the mystical far away land of the medicine cabinet to banish the twin demons of chills and dizziness. Not even previewing

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We received your contest entry! There are 9 more days left in the contest, plus a couple days for judges to review the entries and cast their votes. You will hear from us, via a note, when it is all done — probably around April 9th.

Thank you for entering, and good luck! :) (Smile)

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Thanks for the fav :D Awesome gallery you have. Here's a watch from me :)
kittyhawk-contrail Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
no prob! it's a very nice graphite thing!
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Your style and colors are worth the watching!
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I don't know why I have you in my history, but... Hi! :D
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Happy Birthday! :squee:
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