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:bulletgreen: open
:bulletgreen: open
:bulletgreen: open

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Commission Guide

:bulletgreen: What I will draw

  • Ponies! Both canon and OCs. For OCs or any canon horses since about S3, I'll need references (main/tail shape, cutie mark, and colors).
  • Scenery: I've done both exterior and interior FIM-style buildings and landscapes. Detail isn't really a problem for me.
  • Pets! Horse pets are fun and can easily be added!

:bulletred: What I won't draw

  • Gore or excessive violence (think PG-13 max). Rape, murder, etc. I don't have a problem with doing r34, but I will not answer questions about that except through email. Keep it off of DA please.
  • OC x Mane shipping. It just ain't gonna happen.
  • OCs to which I do not have the creator's permission.

I'm trying to give a broad idea of what I will and won't do. I may say "no" even if something appears to be within the above guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on DA, tumblr, FimFic, or email (kitsuneymg at gmail)

:bulletblue: What types of drawings?

I do a lot of different types of drawings. Check out my gallery sub-folders for a better idea of what each type looks like.

  • Graphite Drawings. By drawings, I mean fully shaded and detailed (unless you *wanted* something looser for a reason.)
  • Markers. Copic markers on Strathmore drawing paper. Colorful and vibrant. Can do background too. Sadly, since these are dye-based colors, they will fade if placed in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. My scanner's red response is a bit low, so most pinkish colors are actually MORE vibrant than depicted in my gallary.

Pricing is simple.

$10/pony. Background beyond extremely simple ones are about $10, but this really depends on how complex the background is.

Comics: This is a "let's talk". There's no way to begin to hedge this with all variables. A good base point would be $100/page though. Lots of drawing, lots of layout work, and the whole "coming up with story" thing. A page is a single 11x17 sheet of bristol with a 9.5x15 "living" area.

How to commission me

Send me a DA note, email (kittyhawk.contrail at gmail), or a message on tumblr with a description of what you want me to do. I'll get back ASAP with a response.

Once I accept a commission, I'll get you a sketch of what I think you're wanting. Typically within a week. I can change things here, so it's important you like the layout and content. Once you okay it, I'll get to work on the final piece.

Once I finish the final piece, I'll message you for payment. Then I'll upload and/or mail the piece to you.

Commission Status

On the frost page where there's a "new art" widget, at the bottom, I have my available slots. That's not a fixed number and is subject to expansion or contraction as I get/lose time. Even if it's all full, you can still ping me and I'll try to get back ASAP.

- kits
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